Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's A Camera In Here Somewhere…

We're often asked if we can mount a prompter to whatever camera is new and popular. And the answer is yes, we can build a prompter on anything.
And this photo proves the point.
In this case, there's a Canon D5 buried under the monitors and sound gear strapped to the power frame. And it's paired up with one of our 15" high bright prompters. (You don't have to be outside to use a high bright monitor.)
As the camera assistant and I built this rig, we ran into a small problem. The Sachtler wedge plate locked down, but still loose on the head.
Our camera and prompter package wasn't going to pop off the Satchler, but it was loose enough to make framing a shot more difficult.

Thanks to the excellent resources at MPS Studios (where we were shooting), we were able to quickly swap it out for a better fitting plate.